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Ruby on Rails Developer

Full-Time / Knoxville, TN

We’re looking for a Ruby on Rails Developer with a strong background in software development, APIs, and writing scalable code.

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UI Designer

Full-Time / Knoxville, TN

We’re looking for a UI Designer with a strong passion for creating web-based interfaces and thoughtful user experiences.

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Content Developer

Contract / Remote

We’re looking for a Content Developer with a strong writing background in SaaS, software consulting, and digital marketing.

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We've been building software for 18 years

Before Mintbit had a name, we were building custom software for clients through our sister company, Slamdot.

We're Rails experts

We've been using Rails since version 1.0 was officially released in 2006, and we work exclusively on Rails projects.

We're highly recommended

We've been lucky to have worked with so many interesting businesses since 2005. Check out our glowing customer reviews.

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