How to Build Your First Product: A Guide for Startup Teams

There it is, you’ve got that first inkling of an idea. You were just talking with your friend about the problem they were having - and you’ve got the solution. It’s so genius, you think, how come no one has ever thought about this before?

How To Grow Your SaaS Business

If you need SaaS business inspiration, look no further than YouTube. Three PayPal employees created an online dating website that failed at its original purpose but had an amazing video uploading platform. Realizing there was no such thing as a video sharing platform, they switched their ideas. Fifteen years later and YouTube is worth around $15 billion.

Generating Encrypted Zip files in Rails

Generating encrypted zip files in Rails is an excellent way to secure sensitive data, and it’s easy to do.

Searching and Sorting with Ransack

In this article, we will discuss an easier way to search and sort in Rails, using a gem called ransack.

Exporting to CSV with Rails

Exporting data to CSV is an excellent way to move your data out of a database and into a spreadsheet. The ability to export data from a Rails application is especially useful when you want to use it in another application or process.

Helpful String Methods in Ruby on Rails

This article will discuss how to implement several helpful string methods in Ruby on Rails: camelize, classify, humanize and inquiry.

Adding remote: true Support in a Legacy Rails App

When upgrading a legacy Rails app that has buttons/links that trigger raw ajax instead of remote: true for making javascript format requests, adding remote: true can make things simpler.

Rails 5 Disables Autoloading in Production

Before Rails 5, all constants were loaded via ‘autoloading’ when the application booted up. Rails 5 replaced this with ‘eager loading,’ i.e loading all the constants even before they are actually needed. With ‘autoloading,’ the application does not load the constant until it is needed. Once a class is needed, if it is missing then the application starts looking in ‘autoload paths’ to load it. Eager_load_paths contains a list of directories. When the application boots then it loads all constants found in all directories listed in eager_load_paths.

Creating a Clickable div in Rails Views(erb)

There are many use cases that require an href link to be applied to an entire div. One such situation required an href to be applied to this entire icon in order to make it clickable:

ActiveRecord Dirty Checks

Sometimes in Rails applications we need to perform an action based on a change in a particular attribute of a model.

Custom 404 and 500 Error Pages in Rails

When an exception occurs, the goal is always to handle it gracefully. A red page full of errors appears extremely unprofessional.

Solutions for Updating ActiveStorage Attachments

While updating ActiveStorage attachments, particularly those with the has_many_attached association in a Rails application, some common issues can arise. This article will discuss some such issues and their possible solutions.

The Difference Between Joins and Includes in Rails ActiveRecord

In this article we will be explaining the difference between includes and joins in Rails ActiveRecord, a topic which often confuses newbies to Rails.

Updating ActiveRecord Attachments in Rails

If you need to update an active record attachment that has been attached using has_one_attached relation with the parent model, you may encounter errors. Here’s an example:

HTTP Basic Authentication in Ruby on Rails

This article will discuss HTTP Basic Authentication in Ruby on Rails. This can be useful when a page needs to be accessible only to users with a password.

Automatically Generating User Passwords with Devise

This article will discuss how to bypass password and password confirmation in the registration process and send a password through email when a user registers themselves.

Implementing Single Table Inheritance with Devise in Ruby on Rails

This article will discuss implementing STI(Single Table Inheritance) using Devise. First, create a project.

Creating an Admin Panel with ActiveAdmin in Ruby on Rails

This article will discuss how to implement an admin panel with activeadmin in Ruby on Rails. First, create a project and a few models.

Optimizing Rails Applications with Bullet gem(N + 1 Problem)

This article will discuss bullet gem which helps you watch n + 1 queries when they are being used unnecessarily, as well as helping you to determine when they should be used.

Generate ERD in Ruby on Rails

Keeping technical documentation handy is extremely useful, especially when a project gets huge in terms of the code and database. One of the documents that should be included in the documentation is an Entity Relationship Diagram, or ERD. This article will discuss how to generate ERD at any stage of a project.

Implementing Jbuilder for creating JSON Response in Ruby on Rails

This article will discuss how to implement JBuilder for creating JSON response in Ruby on Rails.

How to implement charts and graphs in a Ruby on Rails 6 application

This article will discuss how to implement charts and graphs in Ruby on Rails 6 applications.

Authorization with CanCanCan in Rails

This article will discuss how to implement authorization in a Ruby on Rails application using CanCanCan. Here’s how to start:

Integrate AWS S3 with ActiveStorage in Rails

This article will discuss how to integrate AWS S3 in a Ruby on Rails application using ActiveStorage.

Scraping with Ruby and Selenium

This article will discuss how to scrape websites in Ruby and Selenium. CSS class selectors will be used to scrape the data.