Helpful String Methods in Ruby on Rails

This article will discuss how to implement several helpful string methods in Ruby on Rails: camelize, classify, humanize and inquiry.

Let’s start with camelize. This converts the string to upper CamelCase by default, and to lower camelCase if the arguments are given. Also, it converts the paths to a namespace by converting “/” into “::”. Here is an example:

active_support.camelize 		# =>  “ActiveSupport”
active_support.camelize(:lower)	# =>  “activeSupport”
active_support/errors.camelize	# =>  “ActiveSupport::Errors”

The next method is classify. This method is helpful when converting table_names to their model classes in Rails.

customers.classify	# =>  “Customer”
before_posts.classify	# =>   “BeforePost”

The humanize method capitalizes the first letter, converts underscores into spaces, and removes _id if present (by default) to generate human-friendly output.

start_date.humanize				# => “Start date”
post_id.humanize				# => “Post”
_id.humanize					# => “Id”
post_id.humanize(keep_id_suffix: true)	# => “Post Id”

Finally, another extremely useful method is inquiry, which is used to check equality.

env = 'production'.inquiry
env.production? 					# => true
env.development? 					# => false

Now you can incorporate camelize, classify, humanize and inquiry into your Rails programming! Happy stringing!