7 Tools to Acquire More Customers

Every SaaS company has a goal to stay afloat, avoid burning through the runway, and eventually reach profitability. However, that’s not always an easy task. Oftentimes, the biggest challenge in going from idea to profitable business isn’t the idea itself, but the execution of that idea and the ability to garner interest in the product.

Acquiring customers is the primary goal of any business since without them the business would fail to exist. But, the reality is that customers don’t simply choose to use a product or subscribe to a service on a whim. You need a strategy to get them interested in what you have to offer and maybe even turn them into paying customers down the road (or right away, depending on your business model).

There are quite a few strategies to acquire more customers but you can also combine many of your customer acquisition strategies with tools that help augment your efforts. Here are seven tools you can use that will help you get more users quickly.


Your website is one of the primary resources you have for attracting customers to your business. It’s where they will come to get more information about what you’re selling, how you can help them solve their problems, and just generally stay up to date with your brand.

HotJar helps you to track user behavior on your site and helps you to gain insights on the customer journey. While tools like Google Analytics can help you understand where your users are coming from, HotJar’s behavioral analytics helps you to understand what they’re doing when they get there.

Heatmaps enable you to measure things like click-through rates visually and help you determine which areas of your design or copy need updating to help you gain more conversions.


When visitors come to your website, they don’t want to be bombarded with the same information as everyone else and, for many SaaS users, they have plenty of questions that need answering. Drift’s chatbots promote what they call Conversational Marketing.

Essentially, rather than simply directing customers down the same sales funnel, chatbots can connect with them directly, provide answers to some FAQs, and help personalize the experience.


Even if you have a primary website, there are times where you may want an additional landing page to help drive customers to a specific campaign. Or, your website may just be a simple landing page that allows you to test your product interest. Regardless of how you want to use this page, Unbounce can provide everything you need.

Create aesthetically pleasing landing pages that help convert your visitors into customers. Unbounce’s landing page software helps you to not only build pages easily but also offers full flexibility in design and other customization.


Email and marketing automation can help you to respond quickly to customers by providing them with relevant and timely information. GetResponse provides several inbound marketing solutions to help you engage with your customers and grow your audience through landing pages, personalized email marketing, and more.


Another all-in-one platform, MailChimp gives you the tools to build landing pages and market your business. But, MailChimp made its name as an email marketing tool and that’s where it shines. It enables you to create attractive newsletters that entice your audience with the help of custom templates, scheduling tools, and more.


Once you start acquiring customers you will need a way to keep track of them. Pipedrive’s sales and CRM platform help you manage your sales pipeline by managing your leads and all of their relevant information. Not only can you track all of your communications with your audience, but Pipedrive can also record everything and make it easier for you to gather insights from detailed reports.


When doing customer acquisition you can’t forget about social media. Buffer’s social media scheduler and analytics tool allows you to schedule your social media posts, saving you time and energy in the process. You can get authentic engagement from your audience and use social media to help you grow your brand even more.