How to Reduce Customer Churn

Churning customers isn’t something that many people at a SaaS company will enjoy discussing. After all, growth is sexy, and everyone gets excited about how many new customers you can onboard to your platform on a monthly or annual basis.

Customer Acquisition Explained: A Guide to Getting More Customers

It’s getting harder and harder for brands to understand what their customers want. The needs of the customer are constantly changing and unfortunately, this means that it is becoming harder for SaaS companies to acquire more customers. But just because it’s harder doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and SaaS companies are putting their best foot forward to get more customers through the door.

15 SaaS Business Tips to Help You Succeed

You would think that success in the SaaS industry is a given considering the massive surge in growth. SaaS organizations are now operating in more than 100 countries, with an annual growth rate of 18%. The revenue forecast for the SaaS industry was $94.8 billion. Gartner predicts this will be close to $143.7 billion in 2022.

Necessary SaaS Selling Techniques for Business Owners

Never has there been a better time for SaaS business startups and SaaS businesses in general. The market is booming as new opportunities are constantly arising. Despite being a billion-dollar industry, SaaS is still considered to be in its infancy. TechCrunch compares it to the PC market in ’83 or the smartphone industry in ’03.

What Does It Take to Raise Capital for SaaS, in 2021?

2020 threw us more curveballs than ever expected. Some SaaS companies have had to cut back on staff or delay the release of new products and services. Others have pushed forward with their plans. The pandemic that raged through this year will not disappear just yet, and the financial implications are likely to run well into 2021.

Best Practices to Offer Superior SaaS Customer Support

For a SaaS business to excel, it needs recurring income. The longer a client subscribes the more chance you have of recuperating the initial cost of acquisition and then making a profit. The importance of excellent support would seem obvious, but perhaps not many SaaS business owners are aware of just how crucial it is.

7 Tools to Acquire More Customers

Every SaaS company has a goal to stay afloat, avoid burning through the runway, and eventually reach profitability. However, that’s not always an easy task. Oftentimes, the biggest challenge in going from idea to profitable business isn’t the idea itself, but the execution of that idea and the ability to garner interest in the product.

7 Customer Acquisition Strategies To Help Build Your Brand

Many believe that building a successful startup is usually either 100% luck or 100% grueling, sleepless nights, and hard work. In reality, the truth lies somewhere in the middle; a successful startup takes luck, hard work, and consistent application of a few winning strategies.

How to Benchmark and Improve Your SaaS Conversion Rate

One of the most disappointing situations for a SaaS business owner is to create a fantastic product and to create an excellent marketing campaign but then not see the results come in. It’s even more frustrating when you have got the traffic coming into your site but still no new sales. Conversion rates are one of the most important metrics to be aware of and to work on. We are going to cover the why and the how!

Best Ways for SaaS Companies to Increase Conversion Rates

SaaS businesses have certain differences compared to more traditional businesses, but there is one thing they do have in common. Starting a new business reaps a massive reward once off the ground. We allow ourselves a moment to celebrate, but the work is far from over. Regardless of your business model, it’s now time to start gaining more customers. Naturally, every SaaS company owner is looking for ways to earn more profits, and for this, increasing your conversion rates is essential.

present? vs exists? in Rails

present? and exists? serve the same purpose, i.e. to check if a record exists in the database or not. They do, however, differ in the performance.

SaaS Metrics – A Guide to Measuring and Improving what Matters

One of the biggest questions any business owner is going to ask is whether their business is financially viable and what can be done to improve the bottom line. We take immense pride in seeing our idea become a reality, but without a steady income, long-term success is far from certain.

Startup Without Code: Remove The Need For a Technical Co-Founder

For many years, launching a successful startup required at least two types of people to work. The first being, the visionary founder. This person would be the one to come up with an amazing idea and know-how to sell the dream not only to investors but potential team members, future employees, and the general public.

update_all vs update in Rails

This article will discuss key differences between update_all and update in Rails.

Named Scopes vs Default Scopes

This article will discuss two important concepts in Ruby on Rails - Named Scopes and Default Scopes. The main idea is to get results based on some condition.

Pluck vs Select in Rails

This article will discuss the differences between select and pluck methods for ActiveRecord in Rails.

5 Resources for Building an MVP

Building an MVP is a crucial step for getting your SaaS product off the ground. While most teams who don’t understand the inner workings of building a product might think that getting your foot off the ground will take a large amount of cash, that doesn’t have to be the case.

What Is Burn Rate and How Do You Calculate It?

There is a great amount of enthusiasm when you start your own business. It is truly amazing to see what started as just an idea become a real thing. However, motivation is not a guarantee of success. Unfortunately, less than 50% of businesses make it to their 5th year, and only 33% make it to 10 years. A massive 82% of businesses fail because of cash flow problems. For this reason, your burn rate is an essential figure that you have to be aware of.

Dynamic Nested Forms in Ruby on Rails

This article will discuss how to create dynamic nested forms in Ruby on Rails using Cocoon gem. We will use two models, product and FAQ. The product can have multiple FAQs, which we will add manually while creating it.

How to Build Your First Product: A Guide for Startup Teams

There it is, you’ve got that first inkling of an idea. You were just talking with your friend about the problem they were having - and you’ve got the solution. It’s so genius, you think, how come no one has ever thought about this before?

How To Grow Your SaaS Business

If you need SaaS business inspiration, look no further than YouTube. Three PayPal employees created an online dating website that failed at its original purpose but had an amazing video uploading platform. Realizing there was no such thing as a video sharing platform, they switched their ideas. Fifteen years later and YouTube is worth around $15 billion.

Generating Encrypted Zip files in Rails

Sometimes you need to create password-protected zip files in Ruby on Rails. The idea is to create a CSV file first and then add it to a zip file that will be encrypted. For instruction on generating a CSV file, please read this post.

Searching and Sorting with Ransack

In this article, we will discuss an easier way to search and sort in Rails, using a gem called ransack.

Exporting to CSV with Rails

This article will discuss how to export data as a CSV from the Rails controller by using formats. First, set up the application and seed in some data.

Helpful String Methods in Ruby on Rails

This article will discuss how to implement several helpful string methods in Ruby on Rails: camelize, classify, humanize and inquiry.

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