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We've got some thoughts about the software biz


Simple Over Sexy

Design should not eclipse usability. It's said that good design is invisible.


Service is Your Brand

A great product with a mediocre team still makes for a sour experience. Make both exceptional.


Be Your Customer

The best software is created for a specific niche market by companies solving their own problems.


Go Fund Yourself

When you're funded by your customers, you focus on what they want to pay for. Investor money can cloud your judgement.


Don't Hide Pricing

No one wants to schedule a demo just to find out if they can afford your software.


Charge Fairly

Value-based pricing is a clever way of charging someone the most they can afford. It's a scam, not a fair pricing model.


Make it Easy to Cancel

Don't punish someone for moving on by forcing them to call or fill out lengthy surveys.


Ditch Annual Contracts

Happy customers are loyal. Contracts can't make up for what you lack in service.

Live since '05


Rails 1.0 was released.

A design agency out of North Carolina contracted us to build multiple content management systems.


Financial markets collapsed worldwide.

We built a social networking site for a local bartering startup.

A martial arts franchise hired us to build a content management system for all of their schools.


App stores became all the rage.

We built a local social networking site for businesses in collaboration with another startup in Knoxville.


Steve Jobs is mourned the world over.


Twitter became publicly traded.

We started building business intelligence dashboards.


Tech stocks surpassed dot-com highs.

Mintbit gets a new logo.


Elon Musk sent a car into space.

Panel, our all-in-one agency hosting system went live in July.


John McAfee runs his campaign for President of the United States from a boat.

We started using Tailwind CSS for all of the new sites we built.


The year that normalized working remotely.

We launched Sitechange, a helpdesk for agencies to manage website support.


Bitcoin hit a record high of more than $68,000.

Mintbit gets a new office at the Northshore Village in Knoxville, TN.

Shipdeck, our internal bug/feature tracker was released publicly.


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